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Monday, June 26, 2006

[Sunday Herald (Scotland)]:
Attempts by multinational corporations to talk up their social and environmental responsibility are so threadbare and misleading that they are preventing progress towards a sustainable future.

That is the conclusion of a trenchant new study by one of the Scottish Executive[base ']s leading environmental advisers, Jan Bebbington, a professor of accounting at St Andrews University.

The article is light on details, though, and I haven't yet been able to find the original report.
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Speaking of MSWG, I'll be speaking at their conference later this morning, together with client Carol Kraege of Washington Ecology, about finding new sources of business value through innovative approaches to regulation. Specifically, we'll talk about the recent pilot project we conducted with them, exploring how comparative benchmarking of environmental footprints in the pulp and paper industry -- performance feedback -- can drive better performance, and more streamlined regulatory approaches.
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Apparently not.

I'm in Park City Utah today, for the Multi-State Working Group annual workshop. Salt Lake City Mayor, Rocky Anderson is giving the morning keynote, describing a surprisingly Salt Lake City Green program; they're not on the SustainLane list, which rates only the 50 largest US cities, but they have met their 2012 Kyoto target six years early, so snaps on them!

When he heard that Senator Oren Hatch said that 'the science of global warming is more like science fiction,' Anderson called him and asked 'Oren, what have you read about this?' Sen. Hatch's answer: Michael Crichton's book, State of Fear! 'That's fiction, Oren,' Anderson said, 'you might want to read some of the science.'

There you go.
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