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Friday, June 30, 2006

From the impressive Sonoma County (CA) Climate Protection Campaign: climate crisis haiku! A few samples:

A frog in water
Doesn't feel it boil in time.
Dude, we are that frog.
[~]Haiku Hullabaloo winner,
Grist Magazine, July 2004


Reduce by one fifth
First step to protect climate
Together no sweat
[~]Merrilyn Joyce, 9/23/03


CO2 haiku
Is not so easy to do
I'm getting hot now
[~]Doron Amiran
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Today's customer service award goes to AT&T.

They called out of the blue to reduce charges on our accounts (good), transfered me to their "third party verifier" at Human Touch Verification (ok), who read me incorrect information (not so good), told me they couldn't correct it (bad), and asked me to call AT&T, wade through voice mail hell, and start over. (Not terribly likely, folks.)

(To her credit, the original AT&T caller then called back, fixed things - thank you - passed me to verification again, where another problem awaited - more the robot script than strict accuracy, I confess - and the same 'call back and start over 'message. Sorry: two strikes and you're out.)

Remember when, years ago, they started talking about the US become a 'service economy'? That's when I started getting worried about service.
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