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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

'Metrics for Wholeness' podcast
While we're slowly putting together our own podcast series (in our legendary spare time), Brad Redderson of Stranova has given us a boost, with the release of the second of its 'Voices from 2020' podcasts, featuring 'reflections on the present from the perspective of the future' with our hosts Bill Veltrop and FireHawk.  

In 'Metrics for Wholeness', Bill and FireHawk interview Jeff Saperstein, who has worked extensively in both business and academia and is passionately committed to coming up with measures that help us make the shift towards wholeness, and Gil Friend, CEO of Natural Logic, who comes at the measurement opportunity from years of engagement and innovation in the intersection between economy, ecology and community -- on the subject of how changing the metrics we use to measure success can lead to deep transformations in business and all parts of life.

We also invite you to continue the conversation on this outstanding new series — on our blog.

C'mon over and listen, and let me know what you think.
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