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  Saturday, September 07, 2002

Taking Out the GPO. The OMB says closing the GPO will save taxpayer money. Barbara Quint opines that not only will it cost taxpayers and libraries more money to obtain government documents, it will make them more difficult to find and track. [TVC Alert]

This is (or should be) a hot topic for all librarians.  The current FDLP could be improved, but what the OMB proposes results in even more government information going missing. Here are some more links relating to this issue:


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"Computers may eventually be powerful and flexible enough to do this type of work. But, for now, the electronic delivery of cases still requires the human touch." The Humans Behind the Headnotes.

This quote comes from the end of an interesting article about the attorneys who write West headnotes.  It starts off with a discussion of the man who had to write the notes for Bush v. Gore; it took him four hours, when a case that size normally would take about an hour. How many folks out there think of these guys? 

More importantly, how many attorneys and law students still use headnotes.  I have to admit that I'd forgotten most of what I'd learned about digests until I started working in a law library.  Yet many commentators have noted how using electronic keyword searching alone can be so misleading. We try to teach this to our first-year students, but it helps to have good examples.  Anyone got any?  I've heard of folks quoting dissents as the law of the case.  Some specifics might be helpful.

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