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  Saturday, September 28, 2002

Library Stuff found this note about the OMB/GPO controversy and had this to say about it: LS Thoughts - I wonder how/if this will effect government repository libraries who recieve government publications from the GPO? Will these libraries have to work with the various printing companies to ensure that they are notified of and mailed certain government documents? Or am I way off here and it will have no effect at all. 

White House rejects order to use printing office. - "Congress on Thursday ordered executive branch agencies to continue to use the Government Printing Office for most printing services. But the White House Friday said agencies could ignore the order."

"Lawmakers included the order in the continuing resolution that funds federal agencies from Oct. 1, when the new fiscal year begins, through Oct. 4."

"But Office of Management and Budget spokeswoman Amy Call pointed to a 1996 Justice Department opinion that said Congress cannot force the executive branch to go through the Government Printing Office, which is a legislative branch agency."

“The provision is unconstitutional and will therefore be treated as nonbinding,” Call said."

"The disagreement comes as the Office of Management and Budget and procurement chiefs in the executive branch are working out a change to federal regulations that would eliminate a long-standing rule requiring many agencies to go through the Government Printing Office for printing services. OMB Director Mitch Daniels announced this spring that the Bush administration would eliminate the rule so that agencies could contract directly with printing firms. Daniels estimated the change would save agencies $50 million to $70 million a year." (from Government Executive Magazine)

Steven, take a look at my posts here and here for more info. As the article pointed out, Congress (and library associations) believe that OMB's change doesn't eliminate a "long-standing rule," but attempts to change a statute, something that can't be done by a regulation or executive order.  And yes, if OMB and the White House win, it does have a potentially large impact on the Federal Depository Library Program.

BTW, the Continuing Resolution containing Section 117 requiring compliance with 44 U.S.C. 501 was passed by the House and Senate on Thursday, September 26, and sent to the President Friday.

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