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  Friday, October 18, 2002

DOJ responds to House questions on PATRIOT Act.

The House Judiciary Committee has released the US Justice Department's answers to 28 of 50 questions [PDF] it posed in June 2002 regarding the implementation of the USA PATRIOT Act. Answers to some questions were classified. The ACLU has objected to the limited response and is pursuing full disclosure of relevant information under the Freedom of Information Act. [via JURIST]

I've printed this off and have started to read it. Interesting that in the little bit I've read how much of the requested information is either classified or gets a "we're not keeping statistics on this" response.  As a former government employee, I found this a little odd, given that we seemed to keep statistics on everything.  Maybe it's just getting used to the Act, maybe not. Anyway, good report to review if you're interested in what's happening with this Act.

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