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  Monday, October 28, 2002

Via How Appealing:

Patriot Act: Will it defeat terror, diminish freedom, or both?. Patriot Act: Will it defeat terror, diminish freedom, or both? See the cover story of tomorrow's Washington Post Magazine.

Great story written by Robert O'Harrow Jr., with assistance from the Center for Investigative Reporting. It covers how the Act was passed from the points of view of an Assistant AG, folks from the Center for Democracy and Technology, and Senator Leahy, as well as others. Recommended reading.

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Via TVC Alert:

HEALTH DATA REMOVED FROM GOV'T WEB SITES. Representative Henry A. Waxman and several of his colleagues demand that the Department of Health and Human Services respond to allegations that it has removed health information from its Web sites for political reasons.  The Memory Hole located some of the data at the Internet Archive and now makes it available via its Web site.

SEE:  Bush Administration Removes Health Info from Federal Websites [The Memory Hole page with links to copies of the missing web sites.]

The removed information included information on the effectiveness of condoms and abortion and breast cancer studies. I'm glad someone is keeping watch over this type of removal of information. The missing information wasn't related to security, but possibly was related to politics. So who gets to say how long and what type of information should remain on government websites? It seems reasonable that some stuff be removed over time and that certainly policy related information can be removed with a change in policy. But what about "facts?" Shouldn't there at least be an appropriate notice when this happens and an archive of information kept? What's NARA's role in this? I have more questions than answers. 

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