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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Newt Gingrich has founded the Center for Health Transformation.  The Center's goal is to create a "21st Century Intelligent Health System."

May is National Fitness and Sports Month.  Find out more at fitness.gov.  HHS has also published a new parents guide at 4parents.gov.

Utah has a new Genomics Program website.

The new Utah State University Merrill Cazier Library will use RFIDs to track books in the system.  Their digital library has a growing collection of historical photos and western memorabilia.

The USGS Real-Time Streamflow system is a great resource to watch right now in Utah with potential flooding due to snowmelt conditions.

Here's an interesting article showing how communities can leverage GIS to improve community health.

HHS has launched a new service called Hospital Compare, a tool that provides you with information on how well the hospitals in your area care for all their adult patients with certain medical conditions.

Marcus Zillman, executive director of the Virtual Private Library has published a great resource on Healthcare Bots and Subject Directories.  In his blog, Zillman points out the new AHRQ Patient Safety Network, a great resource for the latest news on patient safety.

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