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  Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Effective Blogchalking

Ok, last post about blogchalking for the day. One thing I've noticed in going over the raw data that makes up the lists is that certain categories are under-represented because of formatting differences. Since I only display categories that have at least two members, if a category is misspelled or abbreviated, it might not show up! Texas, for example, has two members in the raw data. But since one blogchalk says "TX" and the other says "Texas", they don't show up...

The convention seems to be to use full location names instead of abbreviations. In other words, use "Texas" instead of "TX", "United States" instead of "US", etc. You can generate the HTML to put into your weblog at this site. That helps to keep the format consistent.

5:59:57 PM    
categories: blogchalking
Blogchalker Lists, now in opml
I reformatted the "chalked blogs" list to opml. The rendered list is here, keyword-sorted list is here. The raw opml can also be found in my instantOutliner folder. I'm using Marc Barrot's activeRenderer tool, which is a great piece of software.
4:20:17 PM    
categories: blogchalking
My Blogchalk
Here's my blogchalk: Portsmouth, NH, US.
1:35:18 PM    
categories: blogchalking
Ok, so I haven't chalked my blog yet. But I have written a script to search weblogs for chalk and I have a small sample compiled here. The same list, sorted by keyword is here. I have to clean up the script, fix a few things, and I'll release it within the next week or so.
11:45:00 AM    
categories: blogchalking

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