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Monday, December 16, 2002
Help requested: Online survey tool

I'm about to try and conduct an online survey on the usefulness of weblogs for knowledge sharing, and I need some guidance in finding an appropriate tool. What I need is something that will help me build a HTML form that people can fill in and that will accumulate the submitted results into a file in a friendly format (e.g., text). (My university has Apache servers.)

Thomas and Alex have both pointed me to the (commercial) service, which looks decent. Anyone know of better alternatives? Please let me know! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What do you think? []  links to this post    3:32:09 PM  
Just look at that curve

(Note: the green dots aren't actually clickable)

Pretty impressive, eh?

What do you think? []  links to this post    2:52:02 PM  

Philippe's son was born two weeks ago. Congratulations!

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Social Software Roundup

There's been a flurry of activity lately on social software, and it seems to me that the people who are interested in this do not know about each other as much as they should. To try and help that I've started a social software wiki page where I list various related tools, groups and resources. I also have a people page highlighting some public contributions to fueling thinking in this area. If you're not listed and feel you belong there, please do add yourself.

Here's a prediction: practical and theoretical knowledge about social software will bloom during the year 2003, and this will have a lasting influence on knowledge management (among other things).

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Blogtalk conference

From Thomas, Max and the Danube-University Krems Center for New Media comes this:

Blogtalk - A European Weblog Conference: Web-based publishing, communication and collaboration tools for professional and private use.

The primary goal of BlogTalk is to inventory the current and emerging uses of blogs. Active bloggers as well as people from the fields of business and education are invited to attend.

The conference will be held in Vienna, Austria, Europe, in May 2003. Deadline for submission of ideas and papers is the 28th February 2003.

It seems to be a two-day event. This part sounds especially interesting:

We expect to be able to cover reasonable travel and lodging expenses within the limits of our budget. Due to budget constraints, some people may be invited to attend at their own expense.

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George Siemens rocks

If you haven't blogged or bookmarked The Art of Blogging part 1 and part 2, here's another reminder. Concise and meaty at the same time, a great way to get into blogging. By one of the authors of the elearnspace blog, which I strangely discover only now though it is more than a year old. According to Technorati, no one links to it. No wonder!

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What's the problem?

Jim McGee: "Figuring out the right problem to solve is frequently the hardest task at hand."

Much wisdom in this quote.

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The bounded group knowledge-making hypothesis.

Spike carefully states hypotheses on the effect of K-logging on the learning process.

What do you think? []  links to this post    11:25:36 AM  
RSSifying the Mailing List

Informed discussion on turning mailing lists into RSS so they can be read in aggregators, something we did with the group-forming mailing list not long ago.
What do you think? []  links to this post    11:21:36 AM  
Being there

Peter Kaminski asks "Is Blogging Now A Necessity?"

[...] Without a blog, you're just a lurker on the net.

A blog is a social network application that represents the basic social building block: one person. [...]

What do you think? []  links to this post    11:18:30 AM  
Questioning hackers

How to Ask Questions the Smart Way is a terrific piece by Eric S. Raymond who has perhaps done more than anyone else to allow people to understand the hacker mindset. There's also a (too short, in my opinion) subsection on How To Answer Questions in a Helpful Way.
What do you think? []  links to this post    11:16:38 AM  
Ivan Illitch

Ivan Illich passed away last week. I hadn't realized--well, I guess I hadn't realized he was still alive. There was a nice obituary in the Guardian. I will venture a prediction: Illich will be more widely read in the next ten years than he has been in the past ten. This is a different world. [Halavais news]

Someone recently blogged links to several works by Illitch available online, but I lost the reference. Can anyone help me?

Update: Here they are (thanks again Gilles!):

What do you think? []  links to this post    11:13:39 AM  
Karma grading

Cheating karma. I’ve used variations on a karma system in a number of classes over the last few years, but none as large as the 100-person “Media in the Information Age” last semester. It was something of a trial run, and there were imperfections. I guess it ranked the equivalent of a “revise and resubmit.” Two clear failures: [Blog de Halavais]

Discussions of failure often illuminate things as much, if not more, than success stories. Alex's report is a case in point. It's really too bad that most peer-reviewed research publications have no space for negative results - thought things are changing: see e.g. this.

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Weblogs and structure

outlines and boundaries. My conversation with Alex yesterday got me thinking a lot about outlines and how they affect writing. [mamamusings]

Interesting discussion of structure and style as it relates to blogging.

What do you think? []  links to this post    10:58:06 AM  
Idea sharing sites

Should Exist. ShouldExist is a site about stuff that stuff that really should exist. It is an Idea Exchange. Like Global Ideas Bank, but more focused on technical things. [Ming's Metalogue]

Eric Hanson started this worthwhile initiative. Based on the Scoop engine originally developed for kuro5hin, people vote and the best ideas make it to the front page. Discussion ensues. See other online innovation sharing communities.

What do you think? []  links to this post    10:48:22 AM  
Gestion des connaissances francophone

A collection of pointers to French language resources, people, etc. on knowledge management. Please edit the page to share your links if you have some.
What do you think? []  links to this post    10:44:05 AM  
Weblogs by the numbers

How many of us out there, really? Phil Ringnalda offers tentative numbers on the number of weblogs in existence that use the major blogging tools. I've added this as a data point for an eventual meta-analysis.
What do you think? []  links to this post    10:30:03 AM  
Gerhard Fischer and emerging forms of collaboration

Sebastian Fiedler writes about Gerhard Fischer and his recent article Beyond Couch Potatoes. I also found an interesting short presentation by Fischer and others called New Forms of Collaborations: Learning Webs, Intensional Networks, Social Navigation, Recommender Systems, which starts off from the perspective of Ivan Illitch on education.

What do you think? []  links to this post    10:25:38 AM  

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