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  Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Web Services on Probation

Here is an interesting article about Web Services from ZDNet.
10:47:56 AM    

Authentication/Authorization/ID Management

We have been going through a prioritization process over the past week.  We listed all of the projects in which ITS is engaged, and scored them on factors like customer demand, management directive, and ROI. One project that has come out near the top is authentication.

By authentication I mean web authentication that includes single sign on capability for all participating applications. We have such a system now, utilizing a product called SiteMinder and the NDS tree. With the development of UMD and the continual instability of our current authentication system, the need for a new system is very apparent.

Authentication is becoming my top priority. I am beginning to pull together the resources we need to build a new authentication system that would also include provisions for centralized application authorization (what level of security within an application does a user have?) and ID management. I believe that one requirement for this system is the eventual support of single sign on for citizen-facing applications, as well as ID management.  There are tremendous security implications of that, and that requirement may not be something that the enterprise should pursue, but we should at least be asking the question. I know there was some discussion about this topic at a meeting on the citizen directory earlier this week which I was not invited to. I will be digging up information, so if you are involved feel free to contact me.

8:17:24 AM    

New Communication

I have talked to a lot of people who have "been resistant to blogging" for various reasons. Almost every one of them has used that phrase. The most commonly cited reason is that they like to maintain communication with people on a more personal level. The second most commonly cited reason is that it takes time to keep a blog current, and there just isn't enough time. It's true, it does take a commitment of time, but in my opinion it is worth the time. For me, blogging is a persistent forum for communication. I haven't used it as a replacement for actual personal interaction, in fact, it has enhanced my connection with people and created value for me. There is power in making your thoughts asynchronously available to the world.

Of course, blogging is not a mainstream communication form. It requires openness and commitment. I am not surprised that it hasn't enjoyed more widespread adoption by state employees. I believe that the concept is the evolutionary path that communication will take.

6:49:24 AM    

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