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A picture named sppmoney.jpgFunny Money

(WARNING: The image presented to the right was produced by a professional "person of interest."  Do not attempt this on your own computer system at home.)

If I was not already on a government watch list after my most recent banking trip to Canada in a rental car, I certainly am now.  

When we were kids growing up in the Detroit area we always joked about the colorful play money they used across the border in Canada.  Red, blue and green stuff.   Now though with thoughts of the SPP North American Union on my mind, these two current $20 bills caught my attention.  Pretty damn close, I would say. Harmonization is the term the globalists use...Keep in mind that other bills in Canada for now still maintain the play money colors of red and blue.  It's only the $20 notes that matche up so closely.

Wanting to spread the images of these two bills around to prove my point, I scanned the two bills with my vintage 2003 HP officejet d135 printer/scanner.  No problem there.  Imagine my surprise though when I went to open the file up with my 2005 updated Paint Shop Pro 9 software and instead of the image I was expecting I received the pop up message to the left.

Well, "more information" right?  Imagine my additional shock then when after my click I was immediately connected to an unnavigable IE pop up window which linked my home computer to the Central Bank Counterfeit Deterrence Group.

Now, is that some wicked a** algorithm work there or what?  (Note: you can just imagine what some of the settlement arrangements were in the DOJ vs. Microsoft case.)

Upon further investigation I found that in any case where the image of the two $20 notes (scanned together) represented more than about 80% of the total cropped image, I was not able to edit the scanned .tif file or modified .jpg file without being blocked by the pop up message.  To obtain the image you see here, I did a print screen which included a viewing image of the .tif file.  Then, I converted it to a lower resolution .bmp file and cropped it as usual.  The final image you see here was then saved back as a .jpg file. 

Update: Funny Money - dos.

While we are claiming a merger of the US, Canada and Mexico is under way, let's not forget what the coloration looks like on the 200 Mexican Peso note (currently trading at about $22 USD and $20 CAN).

Throwing my own two cents in here, I would venture to guess that the reason the $20 notes are the first to be harmonized is because they are destined to be the most popular in usage as it will soon take one of these to buy a loaf of bread or a gallon of gas.

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When in the course of blogging events...

Was maxed out on my radioland server space for my blog.  Rather than pay double for another measely 40 meg of storage, I have somewhat successfully migrated most of my radioland files over to my more economically priced web hosting package over at Network Solutions.  An all afternoon event.  But one fitting for Independence Day.

Updated the look a bit too.



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