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An outsider's view of the NC Senate

from Barbara Howe 2004 Libertarian candidate for governor

Re: HB88 (Electoral Fairness Act)

In my journey into the belly of the beast today, I paid a visit to "my NC senator," Doug Berger.  He's a Democrat.  He came right out and told me without batting an eye that he couldn't support lowering the signature numbers because he doesn't want the Greens on the ballot.  Well, at least he's honest in regards to this issue.  (He blames 3rd parties for Gore's loss in 2000. )

"Senator Phil Berger, the Republican Leader, says he can probably get all the Rs to vote for it, but we would still need five Ds.  The Ds pretty much vote as the leadership tells them to.  I don't imagine Marc Basnight supports the change.  I know Tony Rand is against it. 

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