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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Short Story of the week [3].

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A picture named 4.jpgDubliners. Four wonderful days in Dublin; it's such a nice town. Although on Bloomsday itself it was full of more or less crazy people, dressed up in Edwardian clothes. And no, I did not buy James Joyce Lemon Soap. Here's a little snapshot gallery.

The Ulysses exhibition at the National Library is amazing; the one at the Gallagher Gallery rather weird, but interesting; the James Joyce Centre itself just fab. Last but not least, the official ReJoyce website.

Oh, I forgot - here is I got laid on James Joyce's Grave by Black47 [MP3, 3.2MB]. And Molly [MP3, 5.8MB]. Have fun with that.
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A picture named death.jpgA Dinner and a Murder. No pulse, no heartbeat. If condition does not change, this man is dead.

Another movie classic: Murder by Death. Here, and here.
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A picture named robot2.gifAnother one for the Bots. Spam yourself.
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A picture named warbot.gif Bandwidth Saver. Save bandwidth on your hosted MP3's. Thanks to the Internet Archive's new FreeCache project, you can conserve your bandwidth when posting links to your MP3 or other media files. Just stick the URL: http://freecache.org/ ...in front of your own URL. Like this: http://freecache.org/http://yourserver.com/yourfile.mp3 (don't click this... [spinme.com] [The Mediaburn Radio Weblog]
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