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Monday, November 11, 2002

Today, Macromedia launched Macromedia Contribute, a powerful new desktop application that aims to unleash web publishing for everyone, while providing control to web professionals ultimately responsible for websites and applications.

It's amazing that after 8 years we haven't had technologies like this --- it's still much much too hard for the average end-user to use the web as a personal communications and publishing tool. Norm Meyrowitz, our president of products, ruminates here about this fact.

We went through years of everyone believing they need "content management systems", and have learned that what we really need are powerful, usable, and affordable tools that are pragmatic and open, not expensive, complex, and inflexible, which has become the norm in content management.

On a side note, Contribute opens up some interesting potential synergies with the weblog universe -- Dreamweaver MX Templates + Contriute could make a powerful one-two punch for enabling a far greater number of users to easily publish weblogs.
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