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Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Jon Udell has a bit about Groove 2.5 and what it does for "team blogs", making distributed news reading and conversation a more natural act for teams.  One thought sparked something for me:
"From an enterprise IT perspective, I realize, the term "team blog" sounds a little vague. So let's nail it down. Those inbound RSS feeds needn't be only internal or external weblogs. They can also deliver customer feedback, system status reports, business intelligence -- you name it. And the output needn't be a weblog that you hope will make the Daypop Top 40. Think of it, instead, as an internal "k-log" that selectively exposes team activity to the larger organization."
What I love about blogging infrastructure is how simple and standards-based it is, that you can really morph anything to work within it.  All of a sudden the world of weblogs is colliding with other established team collaboration and work productivity spaces such as content mangement, knowledge management and enterprise portals. 
To what degree will Blog Readers become a natural client software category; will they be part of browsers; of communications/messaging apps (Outlook/Notes); standalone?  As RSS 2.0 gains traction and the content moves from being simple text content to richly tagged meta-data and more or less structured content (like 'system status reports', 'bi data', as Jon suggests), what's the proper productivity interface for digesting and regurgitating all that data.  Tough problem.
I came across an interesting software company, Traction Software, trying to do exactly some of these things with 'team blogging' software focused on knowledge/intelligence gathering inside companies. 

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