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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Microsoft details new rights management tech
Lately I've been looking into digital rights management and technologies that can help support paid content.  I picked up this piece about forthcoming technology from Microsoft on this front, and was happy to learn about a new emerging standard, XrML, the extensible rights markup language.  Microsoft is a investor in the founding company behind this specification (ContentGuard, a Xerox PARC spin-out).
I really like the approach taken with XrML.  It's flexible and extensible enough to work with a very wide variety of content types, access and distribution models, encryption schems, and vendors.  If major content formats like Windows Media, Office, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Acrobat, XHTML, MPEG, and others support this we could finally have the basis for secure, paid content.

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CVS2RSS This is, of course, what RSS was invented for: Kellan's CVS 2 RSS - it generates an RSS feed of...

Another victory for RSS as a generic content/data format.  Jon Udell had been speculating about RSS expanding into things like bug reports, support tickets, etc.  For those not familiar with CVS, it's a very popular open source configuration management and source control system for software development.  RSS and RSS viewers are a great way to get a consolidated view of new builds and changes in a software development process.

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