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Monday, May 05, 2003

RealNetworks Hits Mobile Phone Screens : RealNetworks will send audio and video streams of sports and news programming to consumers' mobile phones. The digital media delivery company said that the...
I was pleased to see the RealOne Player pre-installed on my Nokia 3650.  Other than the 15 second clips I've been taking of friends and family, I haven't had much else to playback with the software.  Sounds like we'll get a taste of 30Kbps streaming video, yet again.

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Passport, Web services, and Federation

A recent story on News.com offers some news on how Microsoft plans to bring Passport into alignment with Web services standards, SOAP and WS-Security in particular. In many ways, this is good news. By supporting SOAP and WS-Security in Passport, Microsoft is moving that much closer to making Passport a Web service. Using SOAP and WS-Security will also give Microsoft a foundation on which it can build a more reasonable, and more secure, architecture for Passport. But it also points to a coming inflection point in the effort to create federated authentication standards, and the article misses that point entirely.....<more>


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Great brief analysis by Jamie Lewis of the Burton Group.  There is an emerging industry around Liberty Alliance specs, and momentum building for the Liberty 2.0 specifications.  It looks like IBM and Microsoft are going to try and co-opt and drive their own federation standards, which could back-fire.  While they've been able to drive SOAP and WSDL into standards, the stakes are very high in the federated identity space and a large part of the commerce, financial services and software industry is getting behind Liberty.  Implementations will drive the day, and from what I can tell most vendors are holding out for Liberty 2.0 later this year, which really makes the approach complete and extensible.

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A Price War Cometh Cable stocks cool on DSL price news ... 67 comments so far

Long predicted, the broadband price war in the US has begun.

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Updated Flash Google App at Mesh Mike Chambers and Josh Dura have updated the Google Search App from some of the feedback given by you guys....

Good to see the progress here.  From the looks of the app, I imagine that it will be a desktop Flash app running in Macromedia Central in the near future.

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Excellent overview of Blogging APIs

a review of blogging APIs

a review of blogging APIs -> As I was looking again at the space of remote-access APIs for weblog software (working on the XML-RPC Weblog Sync feature of clevercactus), I found that there was no side-by-side comparison of the main available APIs, or list of links of material to read. So here goes, in the hope that it will save time for others in the future. :)

As always, comments & corrections are most welcome! This is a long post, so I've left the meat of it off the main page.

[Audioblog/Mobileblogging News]

Than you to Diego Doval for this timely overview.  We're all hoping that Evan and Jason et al do the right thing.  And now that SixApart is funded, perhaps we can all move forward - together.

Hmmm - maybe that's what Joi and Dave are up to?

Pass it along.  One side-note on the rapid adoption of blogging software is the increasing re-relevance of XML-RPC.  More on this later....

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Here come the Wi-Phones Can you say killer app? I already have. But the equipment rollout from companies like Cisco, Telesym, NEC, and Vocera is happening even faster than I expected.
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The Internet story all over again John Patrick: "There was a long list of reasons ten years ago for why the Web would never turn into something serious -- certainly not into something that could be used for secure business transactions. The same list of shortcomings is being attributed to WiFi today."
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I've heard these same skeptics --- "it's not built to support that kind of traffic"..."service levels will degrade"..."it'll all collapse as soon as people start using it", etc.  But innovation and economies of scale have an odd way of breaking through these purported limitations.
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