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Monday, May 12, 2003

Russ reviews a J2ME blogging app for the 3650: Blo Russ reviews a J2ME blogging app for the 3650: BlogPlanet Rules: J2ME Blogging MIDlet for 3650s, excerpt: "This is a...
Great intro to a powerful new J2ME app for my Nokia 3650 camera phone.  Will give it a try and report back.  Most interesting tidbit in his article that was news to me was that the Nokia 3650 is one of the only phones with support for J2ME Media and Messaging APIs, which give the Java client access to your camera device.  That's great!

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 "We don't think there is going to be a price war," said Niraj A. Gupta, an analyst with Salomon Smith Barney.


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From Broadband Intelligence:

Incumbent telco Verizon is slated to announce 5/13 its by-now well-covered DSL service price cuts, along with the launch of its MSN portal for DSL.  Verizon is also slated to announce that it will equip its pay phones to operate as WiFi hot spots, a move previewed by Vice Chmn./Pres. Lawrence Babbio in a 5/9 speech at a wireless security conference. 

This is both interesting news, and something that has been rumored for a long-time.  Local telephone companies have tens of thousands of DSL-capable payphones that can easily be turned into Wi-Fi HotSpots.  This is also how BT is rolling out hotspots in London.  It's a clever, cost-effective way to ramp Wi-Fi availability in cities.

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