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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I've really enjoyed reading Russell's blog over the past months -- he's brought us many great insights about the varied software and hardware platforms for mobile development.  Recently, he's been learning more about Flash, and it's potential role as an Internet application platform.

Russell, I'm also biased for HR reasons, though I've long ceased making the standard caveats about the failures of Flash... ;-)

A bunch of stuff that Russell has been exploring; Flash-related platform technology/tools:

I'd also add Royale and Laszlo to the review list.

Flash on a mobile phone is pretty sweet stuff, I can attest.  Flash 4 skills are sufficient to build content for it, which means millions of developers....yes, many more than J2ME or BREW, combined.  However, for developers looking to push the limits of graphics performance, native apps in Symbian or even low-level graphics work in BREW and Java will provide better results for really high-quality mobile games.

Developers interested in learning more about all of this would do well to go to MAX in November.

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