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Sunday, January 11, 2004

  • There's an interview with Chris Murray (of TexFiles) at Luminations, and she's posted a poem of her own—a rare and, for me, enlightening glimpse into another poetic.
  • Kasey is still keeping me honest—he may be surprised that I mostly agree with him (see the comments). But the line can only exist in space when it's typeset or formatted with CSS in a standards-compliant browser. A line which depends on such visual technology has a different pathway into consciousness. I'd argue it's not the primary pathway of poetry.

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Despite slicing off the tip of my left thumb (see how I sacrifice for my art?), I've got another sonnet. When I last did this—a sonnet a day, not cut myself— I was unemployed, and it's very different this time. I couldn't do it, I think, if I was helping with homework. I wish I was.

Geek Odyssey

My cell phone, iPod, PDA, and I
Went walking when some router out there hosed
My DSL connection—time to die
Or get out a little while the world was closed.

I took the Zire since it would be nice
To see what daylight does to CCDs,
The phone in case I broke my ass on ice,
The iPod—tunes!—and went to snap some trees.

It didn't work out like I'd planned. I froze
The Pilot and the earbuds froze my ears
And ice was in the ditch, which, I suppose,
Just left my hopes no worse off than my fears.

I guess you've guessed I somehow made it back.
So did the net. That's my last outdoor hack.

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