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Friday, February 14, 2003


I am pleased to say I am working on a new company -- Socialtext.

Socialtext is a provider of Social Software Solutions.  We make simple tools that help people get together and get work done.

My co-founders are Peter Kaminski, Edward Vielmetti, Adina Levin and we have a great group of advisors, friends and collaborators.  We have been cooking it for a while and I am having as much fun as I can remember.

Not much to talk about except what we have done.  And this isn't big tell the world news until we have done more.

The Socialtext site has a public workspace that runs on our wiki engine.  Feel free to use this public space for any project you like.

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Blogging Bubbles
Flemming Funch adapts my Ecosystem of Networks to highlight the creative role of the individual, how individuals are empowered when they are connected and how memes percolate from one to many:

So, here the point is that it starts with ME and the choices I make and what happens to them. So, if we're talking about blogs, there is first whatever I have the thought of writing about. I make some choices about what to write about. Let's say we consider each of those thoughts or choices a little bubble, and that those little bubbles naturally rise up in the information ocean.

Public opinion maps to the political network, networking and group-forming maps to the social network, teamwork & acting together maps to the creative network -- and me being creative is participating in all three.  The arrows flow in all directions, not just up.  Just as thoughts feed results feed connections feed patterns -- patterns feed connections feed results feed thoughts.


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