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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Road Hazards!

7/12/2005 - Highway construction by the Redondo Firestone Store,  Pacific Highway South at South 272nd, Kent, Washington - Photo by Carol Andrus

  • Again, but I Have an Excuse
  • Airborne Car Lands on Sleeping Man - photo
  • Another WhackMobile
  • Banned Driver Given Choice of Bail or Jail
  • Bear Roams Auto Dealership
  • Blingbling Pimp Car
  • Brazil Star Robbed During Interview
  • Bridge Raised for Tall Ships, Stays Up for the Birds
  • Bus Chiefs Slam the Door on Fraudsters and Fare Dodgers
  • Bush Begins Trip With a Thud, Crashing Bicycle Into Policeman
  • Car Covered in Computer Keys
          Homer Simpson Computer Key Car
          Computer Key Car Mosaic Maker Speaks Out!
  • Car-Crash Investigators Partner With Computers
  • Car Dealers Beware
  • Car Vs. Truck
  • Check the Rules Before You "Pimp" Your Ride
  • Chicken Little - another photo
          Chicken Little II
  • CPS Goal to Prevent Hot Car Deaths
  • The Daily Commute
  • D.C. Chief's Vehicle Snatched
          Ramsey Car Theft Generates Laughs, if Not Leads
  • Don't Box Me In
  • Driver Caught in Ticket Trap
  • Driver Remains Free After Killing Unborn Child in Car Crash
  • Drivers, Police Need to Know Laws
  • Drivers Put in Danger by Garages That 'Fail to Service Cars Properly'
  • Drivers to Take Orders From Fawlty
  • Driving and Throwing Cans at Highway Signs Do Not Mix
  • French Fry Holder
  • Garage Floor Collapses, Taking New SUV With It
  • Getting Quick Cash for Cars
  • Guided Buses Bump to a Halt
  • Hacking Up a Lung - or Two
  • Hooked!
  • 'Horrible, Horrible' Tragedy
  • How a Greer, SC Police Officer Witnessed for the Baptists
  • How to Buy a Used Car Without Getting Screwed
  • I-5 Speed Will Drop
  • Introducing... White Zombie!
  • Issues Thorny for Older Drivers
  • Jury Sends a Message in Case Involving Teen's Cell Use
  • Leave the Scene!
  • Life's Not Such a Gas for Men Who Fill Their Cars With Wrong Fuel
  • A Long Time Ago...
  • Man Swallows Key, Locksmith Uses X-Ray
  • Meanie Drivers
  • Messenger Family Celebrates Small Victories
  • 'My Ferrari's Too Slow'
  • New York's "Natural Wonder": Street Sinkhole
  • No Sign of a Line.. but That's Fine for Wardens
  • Now Arriving on Your Doorstep
  • Out of Control
  • Overnight Chase, Crash Injures Resident
  • The Parking-Building-Built-on-the-Stream's Cup Runneth Over
  • Parking Lots Paving the Way for Pollution
  • Police Cruiser, Car Crash Into House
  • The Power of 'Sorry'
  • Private Toll Roads
  • Public Service Announcement - Don't Be Stupid Like Smoochdog
  • Push Is on to Boost Use of Corn-Based Fuel in Vehicles, Well, Sort Of
  • Rancher to Stand Trial in Auto-Cow Fatality
  • Red-Light Cameras Stop Rolling in N.Va.
  • Roads and Rails
  • Schools Get Graphic on Safety
  • Secret CIA Conspiracy Revealed on Abandoned Car
  • Sinkhole Jams Traffic in Maryland
  • Slow Down, Triangle
  • A Small Tactical Nuke Is Called For, I Think
  • Special Courts Could Cut DUI Toll, Say Advocates
  • State Patrol Captain Saves Woman's Life in I-5 Crash
          'He Took It Upon Himself to Stop and Help Me'
  • Sunnyvale Traffic Signal Prankster on the Loose
  • Suspects Thought Police Couldn't Chase
  • SUV Rollover Ratings Show Improvements
  • Time to Watch How and What We're Driving
  • Traffic School Moves to the Web
  • Traffic Stop Reveals Body
  • Troopers Using New Laser Equipment to Catch Speeders
  • Trucking Industry Challenges Fingerprint Checks
  • Two Head-On Accidents Injure Several
  • 2 School Buses Involved in Wreck
  • Uninsured Cars Face Crusher
  • Vandals Ransack Cars in Everett
  • Walkway Failure Shuts Laurel Mall
  • Watching Out for Bumps
  • Were Turn Signals Optional for Your Car Model That Year??
  • White Cars a Hit for Bird Droppings
  • White Flash in Stoplights Meant to Get Drivers' Attention
  • Who Needs a Humvee When You've Got This
  • Why Not Just Flush Your Money Down the Toilet?
  • Wrong Tyre Pressures 'Hit UK Motorists for £1 Billion'

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