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  Friday, August 8, 2003

The linked article is a large collection of user responses to two previous MS-NBC articles on outsourcing.

The first half are complaints about outsourcing and the second half are "let's roll up our sleeves and get globally competitive" style comments.

As I blogged before: this is really a tough issue. We really do have to do everything that we can (e.g., constant re-education, willingness to work at more globally competitive pay rates, etc.) to be globally competitive. On the other hand, we can't ignore the pain caused by globalization.

I expect a future where governments become less important and international (or non-national) corporations have the real power. As workers, we will have to compete for the attention of large companies. In the U.S., this fits in well with the republican agenda to enhance the power of corporations by making people feel less secure, more willing to work for less money and fewer benefits, etc. I don't particularly like this trend, but it might be necessary for global competitiveness, and more importantly, if this is the future trend, we all better start adapting right now.

On a more positive note: I think that the real key is to follow the advice of Joseph Campbell to follow your bliss. That is, find types of work that you really love to do, and then do it. I recommend watching "The Power of Myth" on PBS or borrowing the video tapes from your local public library.
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