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Friday, August 01, 2003

Sin City In Summer 

Mojave_DesertUpon my arrival back home, I rested the next day, unpacked, read my mail, tended to my garden and readied my vehicle for the next leg of my journey. The day was bright and sunny but very unlike the tropics where, only a day before, I found myself on a coral beach. Now, my luggage repacked I climbed aboard my SUV and hit the open road for points due east. Several hours later I found myself in the midst of the Mojave Desert with very little but a ribbon of highway, sagebrush, sand and baking rock before me. My airconditioner kept me comfortable while outside the air temperture was well over 100. I noted vast flatlands and dry salt lake beds, a few cacti and increasing signage touting the "riches" that could be had if only you could perserve a few more desolate miles to that shining city of sin in the sun...Las Vegas!Egyptian_Edifice

Finally I arrived in "Sin City" and spied my awaiting accomodations through the wavering heat rays that lifted from the sands, The Luxor. Perhaps you know it better as "The Pyramid Hotel". Constructed in the typical pyramid shape, its black glass outershell sits behind the staute of a huge sphinx. I pulled up, the valet whisking my car off, and the bellman who had secured my luggage, escorted me to the front desk where my reservations awaited and I checked-in. Passing through the casino, I noted the fervor and intentness on each of the players faces as they faced off against the dealers and machines, obviously oblivious to my arrival...but then again, I had no intention of challenging their determination to win!


As I entered one of the four perfectly polished golden elevators, I noted the intensely detailed carpeted floors and carved stone walls. Egyptian symbols and artifacts decorated even the smallest of corners and the theme never ended. In fact, entering my room, one could imagine entering some long sealed off mid-east pharaohs personal quarters, as the furniture and room decor displayed just such adorations. The air on and the room cool, I unpacked and freshened, finally finding a most comfortable place in which to sit and gaze out of the extremely large picture window. Across the way I saw The Excalibur Hotel with its medieval theme and of course, the rest of "The Strip" with its cars and humanity walking the sidewalks in the midday sun.The_Excalibur

After a short rest, I decided to go downstairs to get my bearings and tour the facility. Having been away for a length of time, this city is constantly changing. Hotels spring up and are pulled down in a blink of the eye. New attractions are always finding their way to this "sinful" city in the baking desert, but the crowds just keep coming. But the bells, shows, bright lights and beautiful showgirls seem to have an entrancing effect on most much so, that they cannot wait to wager their hard earned monies in that slim but ever so powerful dream of becoming rich. Although it was still hot as night approached, I could feel this "fever" from those that wandered the strip. Who amongst them would be a changed person by morning?

Today's Quote:

To sin offers repentance and forgiveness; not to sin offers only punishment.-José Bergamín

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