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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

"Fragments 49 - Mary and Erika" Original Oil of Nude Figures by Jeff Cohen

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20" x 24" Oil Painting by Jeff Cohen This is the 49th painting in a series I call Fragments. The piece is composed of 40 small paintings on masonite, attached to a wood box. Each fragment was painted as its own, unconnected piece, varying in its color palette and painting style from its neighbors. The models for this piece are Mary and Erika. This painting is the third of several that I have planned featuring these two lovely women. They make a very interesting pair: Mary with her slender, athletic physique, Erika with her rounder, sensuous curves. This composition shows the women from behind. Strong, directional lighting defines every subtle detail of each of their lovely backs. The women's hands are visible in the shadows, clasped affectionately. Just a suggestion of Mary's face is visible in the shadows as well, enough to tell that she is smiling. I really love the way the two figures seem to be emerging from the rich, burnt sienna background here. I kept the color palette limited to warm, earth colors. The masonite tiles that make up the painting are mounted to a wood box and coated with beeswax and dammar resin, which adds a warm luster to the piece. This is the same medium used in encaustic paintings for centuries. Here I use it as a topical treatment to preserve the work and strengthen the richness of the colors.

""I work mostly in oils, and occasionally in acrylics. My subjects vary from cats to people to still life to landscape to whatever weird thing pops into my head. My most recent work explores the combination of unexpected images to create context, and to force the viewer to create context where none is readily apparent. I have sold hundreds of paintings on eBay, and my work is in collections all over the world. I am listed with Art in America. Though I have been represented by numerous galleries, the direct contact with the buyer that I enjoy with eBay makes it my venue of choice." - Jeff Cohen, The Artist

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