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Monday, June 27, 2005

"BIG CITY FORTUNE" by Teod Tomlinson

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eMOMA.org proudly presents "BIG CITY FORTUNE" by Teod Tomlinson, now available on eBay with an opening bid of $45.00 Click here to bid on this auction.

Oil Paint on gessoed canvas with sides painted A Large 18"x 24"x 3/4" thick (Canvas Ready to hang frame optional)

BIG CITY FORTUNE. Ah yes, the Big City is full of opportunity. Magic or misery, the path is not always clear. You have to choose or you get chosen, one way, or another you create your own worth as they say. Consider adding me to your eBay seller watch list as more paintings of the colorful sublime are coming.

Colorful dramatic neo expressionist paintings. Teod's work has been coveted and collected for years. Whether he is painting from life or an imagined scenario his works have a deliberate committed feel. Subjects cascade between the playfully pop cartoonish to the stark realism of the human physique. In addition to gallery showings, he is a published illustrator, accomplished 3d sculptor and animator for TV and Film. Teod worked with band TOOL on their first music videos and painted the cover for CD single prisionsex. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors degree from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

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