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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"Nipple Book" by Marc Snyder

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"Nipple Book" is an original painted sculptural wall-hanging by Marc Snyder. It consists of a hardback book nailed to a piece of board and painted in oil, both in heavily painted "fleshy" areas and in more stained/varnished areas on the text. Both nails and archival glues make this a very solid object. It is wired and ready to hang. The back is unpainted and signed in ink "Marc Nipple Book Marc Snyder 1993". This object is 16" wide by 9.5" tall, and about 2" deep at the deepest. This painted sculptural object is extremely sturdy.

The book was an anthropology text of some sort. The text (upside down when the artwork is hung on the wall) refers in fragmented form to various aspects of pre-industrial and agrarian societies.

Both the fleshy areas and the text areas are very rich visually. The nipple fragment of a male torso is heavily painted in oil, with a variety of brush-strokes, rubbed, and stained areas. The text is stained and washed with oil and varnish, accentuating the torn edges of the pages. The overall effect is that of the flesh torn from the book.

"Nipple Book" is one of several book-sculptures I made in the early '90s. I greatly enjoyed contrasting very fleshy, heavy painting with the ultimate abstraction of printed language. The body versus the book as a container and a vessel was of great interest to me. Also, being a lover of books and prints, attacking books in this way was an interesting thing to explore in my studio. The idea of the knowable versus the abstract and unknowable is a consistent theme of these pieces.

This piece had companion pieces which focused on the navel and on teeth. These extreme close-ups allowed for a very non-idealized vision of the body to be contrasted with the ideal world of written language.

Marc Snyder is an artist living in Connecticut. He has a Master of Fine Arts degree in printmaking from Indiana University and a Bachelors degree in studio art from the University of Virginia. He has exhibited his artwork in numerous juried exhibitions and has taught printmaking and drawing at the college level.

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