27 December 2003

merry christmas

....to everyone.

minutes ago, i was trying to find my friend sandeep krishnamurthy's email to wish him all the best, and not being able to find it in my inbox, i followed the google thread all the way to his very interesting blog. merry christmas Sandeep and nice to know you joined the party.

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bloging the market essay

my blog paper is finally ready.

the first monday peer-review process seems to be taking some time (two plus months so far), but since i can't wait for feedback, i decided to post it here. it's quite lengthy approx. 25,000 words, but i enjoyed writing it. hope you enjoy reading it too.

here 's the html version of Blogging the Market which is not readable on IE for Win. It 's perfectly readable on Opera and Mozilla for Win, and Safari and IE for MacOSX, and i suppose it should also be working on navigator/communicator.

and here's the PDF [1.45MB]


well, i managed to clean up the code a bit, so now the html version is something closer to being readable on IE for Win. i had, and still have, to get rid of thousands of tags like. i'll probably finish discading tags i dont need by tomorrow some time, unless my mood dictates otherwise.

I dunno...but as far as i'm concerned, why would someone use IE? simply, it sucks..there's no tabbed browsing...no standards-compliance, and it is very slow. then again, the macOSX version had no problem with my admittedly messy script, so i am tempted to assume that MSFT produces better software for other platforms than for its own. whatever.


the "blogging the market" essay [PDF 1.45MB] is now also accessible at the F/OSS Research Community website.

as for the html version, i 've been terribly busy today, so it's still a bit messy when using IE(Win).

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