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  Sunday, August 03, 2003


I've been reading many books by Cheng Man-ch'ing in the past few days.  I also did quite a bit of reading about Master Cheng (1901 - 1975) and his many fine students using the Internet.  I prepared a bibliography and webliography, and
posted my notes as a webpage at:  

Cheng Man-ch'ing and Tai Chi Chuan

"Harmony is itself paradise.  The "miraculous" element is the way that relaxation, well-being, and harmony allow the heart-mind to take control of and focus the greatness of the ch'i, the power of thought, and the effect that this can have in ourselves and in the world."
-   Wolfe Lowenthal, Gateway to the Miraculous, 1994, p. 14.



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Started making entries in the Green Way Gardening Journal.  

These entries will also be posted to the Green Way Blog on the Radio Weblog.

This journal will also be published in a newsletter format to subscribers.

A day for getting organized!

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