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Friday, November 3, 2006

Meanwhile, the Linux Journal staff have selected their Editor's Choice products. A great range of software, some of which I'll have, and some I'll now have to make time to try out.
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Anticipate every press outlet will have a lot to say about this:

GrokLaw: "I've collected for you a representative sampling of reactions to the unfortunate Novell-MS alliance. First, my own: this is apparently some kind of a covenant not to sue, not a true cross licensing deal. I think that's how they plan to step over and around the GPL."

Novell FAQ: "Because open source software is developed in a cooperative environment, some have expressed concerns that intellectual property protections could be compromised more easily in open source. Today's agreement between Novell and Microsoft provides confidence on intellectual property for Novell and Microsoft customers."


MaryJo Foley: "Reality check: Microsoft isn't waving the white flag"

Bruce Perens: "The timing of this agreement is significant. Microsoft and Novell are said to have been working on this agreement for some time, and sped up its announcement to take attention away from Oracle's recent announcement and to further depress Red Hat in the stock market... This entire agreement hinges around software patenting - monopolies on ideas that are burying the software industry in litigation - rather than innovation. If we've learned one thing from the rapid rise of Open Source, it's that intellectual property protection - the thing that Open Source dispenses with - actually impedes innovation. And the Novell-Microsoft agremeent stands as an additional impediment."
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Wow. There'll be lots more to say about this: Microsoft and Novell made announcements this morning that seem to be a mutual exchange of licenses and patents that means that Novell will pay Microsoft to keep Microsoft from suing them for patent infringment. Microsoft will pay one-millionth of one percent of a loose change account for some support licenses to resell to its customers. Novell can use the money they're owed by SCO that SCO got from Sun and... Microsoft. Novell is playing a very dangerous game. And Oracle's threatening RedHat. Next players to make a move? Watch Sun and IBM.
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The Guardian features yet another Google article. Can't get too many of these. Fascinating stuff they're doing. "Giving Google a licence to code: Google's open source chief talks about the joys of Linux, the cost of Windows and his concerns about the new version of the GPL"
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