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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The GNHLUG-discuss mailing list has been abuzz for the last month with disucssions about MythTV. I've learned a lot I had not yet gleaned from the documentation:

I hadn't realized that it was possible to receive and record HDTV-level broadcasts from the analog cable feed for those "broadcast" channels in the local area.

One GNHLUG member posted his How-To on building a MythTV front-end with no noisy fans or hot hard drives. This little box would work well in the entertainment center.

A link to a great discussion of the Architecture of MythTV.

At the MerriLUG meeting on Thursday, the January topic was announced: we'll be meeting Jarod Wilson, author of the Fedora Core MythTV HowTo. That's a meeting not to miss!
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There was an great session at the Merrimack Valley Linux User Group meeting on Thursday night. Shawn K. Shea presented VMWare and he had a lot of great pointers -- hope to have a link to his slides soon. One that really caught my attention was a trick to run a dual-boot partition as a VMWare session, a great feature if you just need to run a transient app, so you can avoid the overhead of rebooting. The howto is here, but it's not for the faint of heart:


Read the instructions carefully. There are several "this could destroy your parition if you're not careful" cautions along the way -- I'd make a good Ghost / partimage backup before trying this.
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