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Monday, February 02, 2004

JDeveloper 9.0.4 upgrades the Struts libraries from 1.1 Beta 2, to 1.1 Final. This bc4jtoystore_for_904.zip file contains the minor modifications necessary to correctly run with JDeveloper 9.0.4.

There are no functional changes in this 9.0.4 version compared to the 9.0.3 version, only minor edits to the struts-config.xml file and a few minor code changes that were already described here on "Dive into BC4J" in this Configuring the BC4J Toy Store Application to use the Struts 1.1 Final Release article.

11:35:50 AM    

Developers who implement business logic in their entity object's beforeCommit() trigger will be interested in a new configuration parameter that we have added for in the BC4J framework. The parameter is jbo.txn.handleafterpostexc. This new parameter defaults to false, but if set to true in your configuration will automatically handle exceptions thrown in the beforeCommit() methods of your entities by "rolling back" the state of the application module using a passivation snapshot that it will take before starting the entity posting cycle.

When this flag is true, the framework will take an in-memory snapshot of the pending state of the application module, and then use this snapshot to reinstate that same pending state in case any of the beforeCommit() methods fail with an exception. If everything goes successfully with no errors, the in-memory snapshot is not used and will just get garbage collected.

10:36:01 AM    

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