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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I had the opportunity to present yesterday to the Munich Java User's Group. I titled my presentation "Betting Big on JavaServer Faces: Components, Tools, and Tricks". I organized the 2-hour presentation around the six key areas where Oracle is making a large investment in JSF: Standards, Tools, Components, Frameworks, Community, and Enterprise Applications. I used a number of simple demos of JSF in action inside the Oracle JDeveloper 10.1.3 tool to help users who might be more familiar with other tools understand what kind of cool JSF features, components, and framework-support we offer for JSF development. The feedback seemed pretty positive. I hope at least I piqued the interest of audience members to download JDeveloper 10g 10.1.3 and "kick the tires" to play with our JSF and Java development features.

I tried to show through the talk and simple demos my firm belief that above all else, the JSF standard is interesting because it enables tools targeting the J2EE platform to deliver a developer experience for web applications whose productivity equals or beats Visual Studio 2005's ASP.Net environment.

I've added the presentation on my presentations page on the blog.

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