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Thursday, October 09, 2008

How many times during the day do you run the ADF Business Components tester tool? If you're like me, probably many times a day. Each time it starts up, it shows a dialog where you can change the configuration you'd like to test with, but 99.9% of the time, you just test with a single configuration, so inevitably you just click (Connect) on the dialog to see the real tester window where you can do some work.

In the 11g production release of ADF, we've introduced a small new feature called the "Default Configuration" to save you a lot of clicks on that (Connect) button during the day. To configure the ADF Business Components tester default configuration, open your application module in the editor and select the "Configurations" page of the editor. Set the "Default Configuration" dropdown list to the configuration you'd like the tester to use by default, and voila!

From then on, when you right-click "Run" or "Debug" your application module component, the tester appears immediately with no intermediate dialog to click on.


9:57:18 PM    

I noticed our OTN team staged Katarina's impressive demo of the new 11g Data Visualization Components. Visit the 11g Demos Page and click the "Oracle ADF Visualizations: Graph Interactivity" link to start the viewlet. It covers both the runtime and designtime aspects of this eyecatching new data display capability your applications can now include...

2:21:22 PM    

In JDeveloper 11g, we've implemented an often-requested feature to allow incremental searching in a log window.  This is extremly useful when trying to search for something of interest (or worry!) in the diagnostic output your program is writing to the console. To use the new feature, click on the log window tab whose contents you want to search, then select {Search | Find...} from the main menu. The search dialog appears and you can begin typing the string you want to find. Any search hits are highlighted in yellow.


1:19:46 PM    

I've published example #132 that provides some generic code for programmatic view objects that have master/detail relationships between their data. Several JSPX pages allow you to see the programmatically retrieved master/detail data in tables and trees, including self-referential data.

11:40:37 AM    

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