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Tips and tricks from Steve Muench on Oracle ADF Framework and JDeveloper IDE

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Friday, October 10, 2008

In JDeveloper 11g we've tried to make it extremely easy to navigate your way around your application artifacts. My article Enlightened Development in Oracle Magazine highlights some of my favorite new features in this area, however one neat trick that we snuck into the product in time for production is what I'm going to call "super search", since I actually don't know if we have a more official name for it. In the screenshot below, you can see the super search in action. I've typed the word "interface" into the search box, and you can see that it's located matching items in the "New Gallery", main menu commands, files, topics in the local help system, as well as topics on OTN help system. By clicking the small down-arrow next to the binoculars icon, you can control which sources it searches. Hope you find it helpful in your day to day work.

Update: I learned that we call this "Quick Search" and its default keyboard shortcut is Ctrl-BackQuote (C-`).

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