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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

802.16 Wireless To Take On DSL, Cable. As expected, Intel and a host of other wireless companies said they would more heavily promotoe the 802.16 metropolitan wireless standard through the WiMax industry group. [Technology News from eWEEK and Ziff Davis]
2:03:57 PM    

Bonding for Broadband. One of the little noticed bills in the past utah Legislative General Session was Senate Bill 184 which allows the creation of municipal improvement districts for telecommunications. This is the way it works: [Windley's Enterprise Computing Weblog]
10:24:28 AM    

VoIP variations. When it comes to IP PBXs, products from IP-centric vendors and legacy PBX companies are characterized as much by their ... []
10:22:52 AM    

Convergence on tap for apps. News out of last week's Voice on the Net show might signal that long-promised converged voice/data applications are just ... []
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