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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I like this idea..another great news item that reflects my mood tonight

We might already be a winner. Blogstakes is a new promotional site for contests with two winners -- the person who entered and the weblog that referred the entrant:

So if the prize is a truck, then the winning entry gets a truck and the blog that sent them gets a truck too.

The first contests are for the Browsercam Web browser compatibility testing service and the Clip-n-Seal Party Pack. So get busy, people. These prizes don't win themselves. [Workbench]


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This is why Windows rules!! This is hillarious..

crash different. I love my Mac so much that I'm happy to share this hillarious anti-mac clip. [via popdex] [Adam Curry: Adam Curry's Weblog]

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Don't know why I find this funny..but everyone is bitching about the lack of response from Userland, calling them names, etc...there are only two guys working on the problems and they both have lives outside of Userland and their jobs. I realize its frustrating as all hell when the response that comes back sounds like a dotcom techno babble that makes no sense to anyone but the person that wrote it or possibly another system admin that totally understands his frustration on why the damn servers keep going down and probably in the middle of the night when he's sleeping..they need to hire another person to help them with the basic day to night system admin stuff..for example the discussion board, the basic newbie troubleshooting and questions, someone that uses Radio frequently and sees the problems happening. The question is should I email Dave and tell him..hire me, I can do the job? I want to be a radio rat (but in a good sense) :)

Maybe I find it funny because I had the shortest interview in the history of the world today..1 minute. I didn't like the guy right away and apparently he didn't like me either and after 3 days of trying to hunt this guy down for an interview and when I finally get him on the phone he tells me 5pm, Starbucks, xxxx and xxxx and hangs up..should have known. Then I get there, realize I have no idea what this guy looks like, called him to find out..his response: "hispanic, short and wearing a white shirt"..damn that described half the men at Starbucks today..hint #2..this guy didn't care about anyone but himself and apparently doesn't like women very much. First question he asks: "you're not a cabler?" mainly more of a statement than a question..hint #3....oh well, first interview after being fired..wasn't the right job for me..really did I want to climb poles and install cable modems in people's houses..I think not.

and what herb are you?

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