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Friday, August 29, 2003

Wow, its about time... I needed some inspiration for a new newbie tip..thanks for newbie users..the question was how to add a graphic as a navigator link. I have no idea how to use it inside the navigator link macro itself but I do have newbie tips on how to add graphics, how to add graphics under the navigator link macro and now the new newbie tip: how to add a link to the graphic..wonderful idea..


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I so get the trackback feature now thanks to the TweezerMan..basically in plain english, if I see a number in my trackback link, that means that someone has link to my post on their blog. If I want to refer to something on their blog, then I just link it in my post and they will see a trackback link on their blog. Simply I don't really have to do anything special, the trackback feature takes care of it.

Giving back to userland... David aka TweezerMan, comments on my original post about finding things funny because people are bitching about Userland and their lack of response to problems.  I have a couple of comments in return and in theory, this will put a trackback link on his post and on my original post because I linked both posts here in this post. 

3.  "...should I email Dave and tell him..hire me, I can do the job?" - "Yes, absolutely!!" 

how would you word the email? (especially since the job doesn't exist)

4.  "I want to be a radio rat (but in a good sense) :)" - "Me too, Julie....me too.  Though I think I'll have to settle for being just a rogue radio rat."

I want to nominate David aka TweezerMan, the rogue radio rat of the week. I've noticed that he has helped alot of people on the discussion board this week with problems, new macros, etc..

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I've been trying to stop smoking..nothing is working..my doctor suggested acupuncture or hypnosis...my problem is trying to find a certifed acupuncturist or hypnotherapist that isn't on vacation for the next 2 weeks and/or cost less than $225.00 for the initial visit. I'm unemployed..so anything more than $100.00 is not an option right now..

  1. Has anyone tried either of these ideas to quit smoking?
  2. Does anyone know a good hypnotherapist or a good acupunturist located in the East Bay?

I've done google searches and other search engines..and yes alot of sites talk about hypnosis as an alternative therapy for quitting smoking but no links..which is frustrating..figured I might get a better response here. Thanks for any ideas.

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