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Friday, June 6, 2003

SCO Paralegal Finds 1996 Amendment That Appears to Give SCO Some Copyrights

This may be why the stock was shooting up all day. Novell has acknowledged that at least some rights appear to have be transfered under the terms of the arrangement. No patents tranfered.

If true, then SCO has more power to do harm, without a doubt. It's a great deal easier to prove copyright infringement. If they want to be mean, and of course we know they'd never to that, they could just allege copyright infringement against every web site offering Linux for download and claim a DMCA violation, and poof. With friends like IBM, who needs enemies?

A Yankee Group analyst who signed the notorious NDA says that SCO's claim appears to be credible, at least from what she saw:

"Apparently the most telling evidence is that parts of the SCO code and Linux code include identical annotations made by developers when they wrote the programs, says DiDio, who compares such notes to the signature or fingerprint of a developer's work. "The fact that these appear to be transposed from Unix System V into Linux I find to be very damaging." DiDio says she was shown several instances where the source code and developer's comments in one operating system were the same as in the other operating system."

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