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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Like many young ladies, I have a small but important collection of sex toys and dildos, which I use frequently at night (and OK, during lunch sometimes as well). But unlike many young women who like to keep these toys a secret, I think they can be added into the mix with a man to spice things up. But surprise, many men don't agree with me! Over the past six months I did some experimenting: could I get a man to let me use a vibrator during penetration during our first sexual encounter? My sample size was 20 "volunteers" (what can I say? I'm 25 with big tits and I go to bars).

Group A: 10 men I asked saying "Wanna play?" and showing the vibrator, with a big smile on my face.

Group B: 10 men I asked by saying "The only way I can cum is with this baby. Do you mind?" No smile, tone of voice was more of an order.

Both groups I asked as they were putting on the condom.

Group A: 80% rejected my request. Yes, only two went for it, and those two seemed to be very, but VERY turned on and excited. Afterwards one asked me where I got it, he wanted to buy one for future use!
Three men communicated non-verbally that they didn't want me to use a vibrator (head shaking).
Two men asked me what it was! LOL, they had never seen one! I explained it to them, told them it would be good for them, they touched it, but then declined.
One man promised me to stimulate my clit during sex manually (which he did. . . for the first 5 minutes only!)
Two men lost their erections. I then apologized, said I was drunk (not true) and blew them.

Group B:
40% accepted my proposal, but two of those guys seemed a bit pissed off. 40% rejected my proposal (one stopped to talk a few minutes about why). But here is the kicker: 20% left! Yes, got up and left! (and one called me a very nasty name)! So being firm gets a higher yes rate, but also pisses men off more.

So sex-toy lovers, we have a LOT of educating to do! Sometimes I think that the internet makes us think that there are more of us toy lovers than there are in reality!

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Continuing our public service of informing the toy-minded community, we recently learned that Penthouse has just introduced their own version of what extreme play is supposed to be. No, not satisfying your most obscure desires or riding a sybian cock, but extreme size folks. Check this out. "The Variations Vibrating Radical Cock model has penetrating dimensions of 11.5 by two inches.  Featuring multi-speed vibrations, the Vibrating Radical Cock has what the company calls ?Virtual Touch? texture. Virtual Touch is designed to be soft on the outside and functionally firm inside."

So when you thought it was going to be soft, it wasn't. Kind of the opposite of an armadillo, firm in the outside and soft inside. Now, question is, why firm has to be in the inside? Do engineers expect users to peel dildos as if bananas to get to the core firm essence?

"The Variations Gonzo Cock is designed to please what the company calls "the biggest needs."  The Gonzo Cock model is sized at 12 inches by two and a half inches. Last, the "Variations Majestic Double Cock" model has staggering dimensions of 18 inches by two inches for shared pleasures. The Majestic Double Cock is bendable to hold any position desired."

Well... that explains the T-shirts sporting signs of 'Majestic Double Wins All" I spotted on my way to a gay bar in the south beach area last night. At least one mystery solved.-

News here

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A new line of vibrators just hit the market - To rabbit or not to rabbit

Not what you are thinking bozo. This is a line of sex toys for gay men. We are painfully aware of how fast the internet evolves. Today's world wide web can hardly be compared to what it was at the peak of the bubble and it probably pales compared to what it will be months down the road... But this morning we also realized we have been on the bench for any new techno sexual gadget being pushed to the market, most of which are a must-know just for keeping up with your social milieu -read: "the guys/gals you fuck with". The below news -whether you are or are not a twink- is a final proof that if your are not wired, you are not in the loop. Stop spending time perfecting your masturbation habits and smoothing out the palm of your hand. Plug in for THOR's sake!

- The Screaming O/Bushman Products has announced the launch of the O Boy disposable vibrating quickie kit for the gay marketplace. The O Boy Quickie Kit contains one specially designed black disposable vibrating ring, one ID Glide lube pack and one name brand lubricated condom. The product will be debuted at The Screaming O booth at the upcoming AVN show in January.

"Disposable vibrating rings have been such a hot trend for couples in the heterosexual marketplace that we have had an incredible demand from retailers for a similar product for the gay marketplace, it's just a natural fit," said Screaming O Vice President Keith Caggiano. The O Boy promotes safe sex with vibrating fun and is packaged in a convenient, small "on the go" package.

Pics from a top gay site

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Friday, April 22, 2005

Can Sex Toys Increase Intimacy In Women?

Fear, guilt and shame can be on the way of sexual enjoyment. Although this can be true for both men and women, it is of particular importance for women. Religious upbringing, social pressures and family conditioning may all work against once orgasmic determination. Sex Toys to the rescue!

Among students of the game and hardcore dildos enthusiasts it is firmly believed that women who resist "sex toys" are the ones who might benefit from them the most. Take note. Either solo or with your lover, some of these mechanical aids -not to mention high tech gadgets- may be looked upon as real friends if:

- You have not yet experienced the Big O
- You are able to orgasm but just solo.
- You want exciting new pleasures and break out of social rut.
- Your man is out of gas but you are still midway there.
- You have had orgasms and are now ready for toygasms.

But don't take our word.
One of these cozy nights when it starts jiggling a bit, get some lil' striptease going and have the toys-inferno handy.
Good gasms!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Continuing our discussion of porn tech revolution...

"They are almost impossible to distinguish from the real thing," says Michael Harriman to about the dolls he plans to sell under the name *Andy*, "but I am still developing improvements and I will be only happy when what I have is better than the real thing."

Whether robotic sex ever eclipses the real thing may be open to debate, but Harriman claims his erotic androids have hearts beating harder than real people during sex, as well as breathing harder and including internal heaters, although their feet stay cold. (added: Sybian sex is so 70's). 

With silicon skin developed for surgical use, the erotic android can be made to move by remote control, swiveling her hips under bedclothes and making other suggestive movements at the touch of a button, Harriman says.

But they are rather expensive, even if Harriman claims they're an improvement on the "real dolls" becoming popular in America: the Andy brand erotic androids sell for about $7,600 each.

Our comment: good thing Mrs. robot keeps her damn feet cold. I can only imagine her turning around and toasting my penis in a matrix foot job. The era of the sex machines slowly but surely is approaching...

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Monday, December 08, 2003

Lubricants and Condoms

Erotic Blog thinks lubricants are the most important part to ensuring enjoyable and safe play. All of the lubricants we recommend are water-based so they are safe with latex condoms.

Lubricants make any kind of vaginal sex more pleasurable. It is always pleasing to have lots of slippery surfaces rubbing together. Also, with anal penetration, your anus & rectum don't produce any lubrication. So you must provide it.

As with any lube if it begins to decrease or you need additional moisturizing just add a few drops of water to it and the moisture will return. To enhance your condom experience, just add a dab to the inside of the tip & outside the condom.

Eros Bodyglide Our best seller
Price: $22.00
Eros Bodyglide, from Germany, is making waves in the US. Winner of the best lubricant award 1996 (European). Extraordinary long-lasting lubricant, just a few drops. Velvet soft, anti-allergic, gentle and protects skin while letting it breathe. Doesn't block pores. Eros Bodyglide is tasteless and scentless. Great for erotic massage and dressing aid for wearing latex/rubber wear. Water-free, fragrance-free, oil free and greaseless and no preservatives.
100 ml. 22.00
250 ml. 46.00
500 ml. 95.00

ID Glide - Rated number one!
Price: $14.00
Rated #1 rated lube in America by Mens Magazine, this was rigorously tested to ensure purity & safety. Water based & water soluble. Compatible wih latex rubber & plastic items. Unflavored, non-staining & fragrance free. A water based lubricant lubricant is a key component in the pratice of safe sex. Unlike oil or pertroleum based products, water - based lubricants are latex friendly, which means they will not harm or degrade latex. Used correcttly , I-D Glide can help persons from all walks of life to lead healthier & happier Sex lives. Contains Nonoxynol-9 which is a spermicide. (some people that have senstive skin, can have a reaction to Nononynol-9.)

9.5 oz 14.00
17.6 oz 24.00
35.3 oz 35.00 (pump)
70.5 oz 72.00 (pump)

ID Millennium - Guaranteed Never Sticky
Price: $17.00
I-D Millennium Moisturizing Lubricant represents the highest quality pure silicone lubricant manufactured in the United States. It never dries and never loses slip, even under water. This super concentrated, clear, odorless formula is latex compatible and washes off easily with soap and warm water.
Experience the premium quality and superior performance of I-D Millennium; it's truly amazing!

Tantric Sensual Oils
Price: $15.00
Luxuriously formulated oils impart a spicy or sweet sexual atmosphere when used with the body's warmth to soften and glide over the skin, easing penetration and allowing frictionless contact between hands and bodies. After long workday, coming home to a understanding partner who is ready with a robe and a warmed up bottle of oil is more then a blessing, it's Nirvana. Choose from 6 richly scented formulations- Bodhi Spice,Tibet Ginger,Mantra Musk,Tantric Breeze, Shakti, Nirvana

Price: $13.00
Anal-eze is a desensitizing cream that is used to enhance the pleasure of anal sex. Many couples experiment with anal sex on at least one occasion.

Apply a small amount to the anus/sphincter area a few minutes before penetration and Anal-eze will numb the area slightly and lubricate the anus, making anal penetration much more enjoyable.

Astro Glide
Price: $11.00
Astro Glide is by far the most widely known and popular sexual lubricant. Astro Glide stays wet for a long time.

It has no taste or scent. Well known to make sex more enjoyable.

2.35 ounce 11.00
5.00 ounce 20.00

Astro Glide Strawberry
Price: $20.00
New strawberry flavored astroglide personal lubricant provides a light lubricant with a touch of strawberry flavor for enhanced pleasure.

Its waterbased, latex safe & long lasting. 5 oz bottle.

More recommendations and links to top lubricants and best condoms in future articles.
Source: Eros Boutique
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Sunday, May 18, 2003

Personal lubricant can make a difference.

If you still haven't found a lubricant that feels warm inside, you'd better keep reading...

Three easy steps on how to feel the warming effect:

1. Put a few drops of K-Y® Brand Warming Liquid Personal Lubricant onto the palm of your hand or on your wrist.
2. Use your fingers from the opposite hand to massage the product onto your palm or wrist.
3. Blow gently onto the area with the product and you’ll feel the warming sensation.

Couples seeking to ignite the proverbial “fires of passion” have gained a fresh approach to the subject, with K-Y® Brand Warming Liquid, the first personal lubricant of its kind to be cleared by the FDA.

“Enhances their intimacy” – 75% of adults
“Add a pleasurable sensation” – 75% of adults
“Improves sexual relationship by making sex lives more enjoyable” – 72% of adults
“Enhances sexual arousal” – 71% of adults
“The best lubricant I’ve ever used” – 60% of adults
Source: K-Y® Brand Bases II Study (2002)

Complete information here

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