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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Angelo, on behalf of the World Wide Help Group sent out this email:

"In response to the Java Quake of 27th May, 2006, we have set up the Java Quake Help Wiki (http://javaquake.worldwidehelp.info) and since it was set up, in the past 24 hours we are coordinating disaster relief operations with major aid agencies and teams on the ground. There's also a team working with us in setting up sms relay communications into affected areas based on the previous relief efforts in the region.

The wiki has the basic design and structure in place but we URGENTLY NEED online volunteers to help us out with the wiki in terms of the following tasks:

1. Move relevant content from tsunamihelp ( tsunamihelp.info & quakehelp.asiaquake.org)
2. Scrape info from the blogs covering the quake on technorati
3 Post translations from helpjogja.net blog to the wiki (via Andy Carvin's link: toggletext.com)
4. Remove irrelevant info
5. Add static info on the main page
6) Spread the word out about the wiki


We have been and are in touch with ICRC-Geneva, TSF & IFRC and are receiving important information such as assessments directly from them which shows that they recognize our relief efforts on the blog and wiki. Additionally, we are being provided with 24/7 info updates from aid workers and their teams in the field and are also blogging at World Wide Help ( blog.worldwidehelp.info). We been requested by a couple of NGOs to coordinate and communicate with them in publishing their situational reps on the wiki and blog.

Any help from all of you for the organization and management of content on the wiki is most appreciated. If you're interested in lending a hand please head over to the wiki or drop us a line to javaquake@worldwidehelp.info "

Meanwhile, some other useful links:
  • Global Voices Online tells us of a special blog set up by an Indonesian University, providing complete information services on Earthquake relief.
  • Indonesia Help is an English Language blog with a great set of resources and regular updates on the Earthquake in Yogyakarta. Do check it out if you're interested in helping.
  • Enda Nasution, a Global Voices Online colleague, sends us this information:
"I just posted several phone numbers here that might help.The Indonesian Red Cross hotline number (24 hours) is on the right column of the blog, you can contact them too. HelpJogja.net has posted a damages database per village, contact number, condition, injuries, dead and so on, it is on continuously updated."

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