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"Conversation. What is it? A Mystery! It's the art of never seeming bored, of touching everything with interest, of pleasing with trifles, of being fascinating with nothing at all. How do we define this lively darting about with words, of hitting them back and forth, this sort of brief smile of ideas which should be conversation?" Guy de Maupassant

Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm attending the Global Voices Summit in Delhi! Global Voices Summit in Delhi. Rebecca MacKinnon, one of the co-founders of Global Voices Online sets out some thoughts before the summit. In an email to the GV group, she says: "I've posted on my blog with some thoughts about what I'm hoping to accomplish at this meeting, plus some context of where we've come from and where we may be going."

Latest news from the wiki:

Here's how you can participate online for the open session on Saturday:
Get to know the participants through this Facebook.

See you there if you're participating ...

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