Tuesday, 2 December 2003

Howard talks the IT talk in his own silicon suburb - smh.com.au

This is an interesting article, and a pretty cool map. Pity they got the location of the Microsoft office wrong! We moved 2 and a half years ago from 65 Epping Rd to 1 Epping Rd, which is part of Riverside Corporate Park.

Come on SMH - update your graphics!

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Wired News: Longhorn on Sale: Only $1.58

Malaysia's brazen software pirates are hawking the next version of Microsoft's operating system years before it is supposed to be on sale.  [wired]

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Test your digital IQ

I scored 210 on the test. This guy scored 193.

Yes, I'm a geek

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Survey: 31 Percent of U.S. Tech-Savvy

NEW YORK (AP)—Technology geeks, unite. There are more of you than you might have realized. A study released Sunday found that 31 percent of Americans are "highly tech-savvy" people for whom the Internet, cell phones and handheld organizers are more indispensable than TVs and old-fashioned wired phones. [eweek]

I wonder what's the deal here in Australia?  I would like to think it is higher than 31%, but what is the reality?

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Antony Arrigo

A picture named antony arrigo (2003).jpgHere's Antony.

I can't believe he isn't blinking, or has his tongue sticking out.

Normally he tried really hard to wreck photos, so this is a bit of an amazing photo.

He has asked me not to post the other photos, so I wont. Dont need to upset him today.


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Billy Arrigo

A picture named billy arrigo (2003).jpgThe official school photos came home today for my big boys.

Here's Billy. Doesn't he look handsome.

Billy asked me to post the photo on my blog, so I had him scan the photos, and we cropped it a bit.

It doesn't look too bad.

The class photo & gift 2004 calendar is next!

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Microsoft and Mobility

I've been talking to a few folks about development of Mobile solutions on the Microsoft platform. Lot's of questions, so here's a bunch of resources:

Sample Mobile apps

Mobile Developer community

Application Certification

And we are running the Smart Client Seminar for ISVs which includes Mobile Development.

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