Friday, 16 April 2004

Bricey got Impetigo

I have been on holidays this week and we all went down to Melbourne for the Easter break.

ImpetigoHowever our plans for the rest of the week had to quickly change, as we had an few ill children - mostly the flu, but Bricey has gone one better. He has impetigo, a rather nasty skin infection caused by bacteria and it is contagious. Impetigo forms round, crusted, oozing spots that grow larger day by day. The hands and face are the favorite locations for impetigo, but it often appears on other parts of the body.  As a result. we have been locked up at home dealing with Brice's condition.

Luckily for us, the antobiotics have worked well and the little fellow is feeling better. If only I could shake off this bloody flu!

Want to know more about Impetigo - here's a google search for you.

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Foxtel Digital Installed Successfully

After a few false starts, the new Foxtel Digital service was installed today.

The guy arrrived at 8.30am and it was all done by 9.30am - quick and painless. I was fortunate that I had a spare phone line in the same room as the TV.

So far so good - I've spent some time studying the offering :) Daniel wrote a good review too.

The EPG is the best part of the service, but Channel 7 and Channel 10 haven't stepped up and aren't providing program information.

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