Thursday, 7 April 2005

It's official - I have a date with my surgeon

I saw my surgeon this week and we finalised the date of my surgery.

I go into hospital on Wednesday April 13th. The procedure will see me in hospital for up to 10 days, so I hope to be home for the ANZAC Day long weekend.

I've been debating whether I take my M200 to the hospital and signup with iBurst, but what if it interferes with the machines that go ping. I may just have to go offline for a while. This is the hardest thing I have to deal with!

To prepare for my visit to the hospital, I have to do the same stuff I did for my minimally invasive endoscopic examination, which is like drinking draino. Since I have been a liquid diet for almost 2 weeks, this shouldn't be too much trouble, but I am still not looking forward to Monday evening.

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