Saturday, 20 August 2005

Getting Down to Healthy Business

My recovery from surgery has been progressing nicely. I saw my surgeon this week for my final check and he said that everything was going well. This is reassuring, as I wont need another minimally invasion examination for a while.

I've put on a bit of weight following my operation, following my dramatic weight loss earlier in the year,  so I need a routine to help get the weight off AND keep it off.

Solution -- I joined a local gym.

I met with the folks there and we worked out a plan. I will go swimming at the pool 2 times a week, and I will do a 90 minute work out in the gym for another 2 days a week, with a rest midweek, AND I will continue my 30 minutes a day walk, which I had been doing in the morning.

This is all part of my rehabiliation, as well as establishing some new habits and routines.  I've given myself a target to drop another 10kg in the next 4 months. I feel confident I can do this, without having to resort to The Hacker's Diet

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