Monday, 17 July 2006

Predictions for the remainder of the AFL Season

There is an article in The Age following Round 15, predicting the final standings of the teams at the end of the season.

Rohan's ladder looks like this:

  1. Adelaide
  2. West Coast
  3. Melbourne
  4. St Kilda
  5. Western Bulldogs
  6. Collingwood
  7. Sydney Swans
  8. Fremantle
  9. Richmond
  10. Geelong
  11. Brisbane Lions
  12. Hawthorn
  13. Port Adelaide
  14. Kangaroos
  15. Carlton
  16. Essendon

Looks like a good call.

Let's see what it looks like in another 7 weeks.

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My Kids make a Movie

I put the idea in their head and they went for it

Watch the movie that Brice and Antony made

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FOX Footy Channel Program Listings 18th - 24th July 2006 NSW only

The Saints meet Port Adelaide in Tassie this weekend. It's live on Channel 9 on Sunday at 1pm.  I believe they have fixed the siren there too.

Will the Saints beat Port for the first time since 2000??. These guys have become our Hoodoo team recently.

Since 1997   All
  Last 5
St Kilda   5   0   126   47   65
Port Adelaide   9   5   139   45   83

Friday 21/07/2006

  • 3.00a  Round 15 Essendon v St Kilda
  • 8.00a  Last Time They Met 2006 Rnd 4 Port Adelaide v St Kilda

Sunday 23/07/2006

  • 11.00p  Round 16 St Kilda v Port Adelaide

Monday 24/07/2006

  • 5.00a  Round 16 St Kilda v Port Adelaide
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Chaser in Hot Water for Prank

Chas Licciardello

I am a big fan of the folks from The Chaser. Their TV show on the ABC is an absolute pisser, full of parady, pranks and general shenangans. Their logies stunt was a classic.

Last week, one of their pranks backfired. Chas got arrested

Seeing blue: Police confiscated a number of fake weapons that were
being hawked by The Chaser team to Bulldogs supporters.

The Age
Readers' Comments Chaser knife prank backfires
Sunday, Australia - 23 hours ago
A COMEDIAN with ABC TV's The Chaser's War on Everything has been charged with ... Chas Licciardello was filming a prank at Friday night's NRL clash in Sydney ...
TV prank results in charges Melbourne Herald Sun
Cops make war on TV comedian Melbourne Herald Sun
TV prank backfires
Queensland Sunday Mail - all 24 related »

I can't wait to see what gets said on their show.

** Update ** Chas has his own section on Wikipedia, with news of this event!

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