Saturday, 29 July 2006

The Chaser’s War on Everything – now available everywhere

I found this email in my inbox. it's funny

The Chaser’s War on Everything – now available everywhere

ABC New Media & Digital Services have made The Chaser team’s dubious Friday night comedy show, The Chaser’s War on Everything, available for download each week via a video podcast (vodcast).

Combined with a portable video player (mp4 player), the new service, available from, allows viewers to watch and complain about the show anywhere.

“All year long, people have been telling us that they’d love to watch our show, really they would, but that their social life just doesn’t allow them to be watch TV on a Friday night,” Chaser Executive Producer Julian Morrow said.

“So we’ve come up with a way that they can watch it anytime they like. Now the only excuse is that they just don’t like it.”

Many rugby league fans have recently clarified for the team that it’s the latter.

One of the show’s stars, the Crazy Warehouse Clearance Guy, was typically excited by the new service.

“The Chaser team’s gone completely insane and they’re giving away content that other shows only flog off on DVD,” he said. “That’s right, this new video podcast is free, absolutely free. This price is never to be repeated. It’s free.”

“Bring your truck, bring your trailer, bring your mp4 player or just watch it on your computer,” he said.

But the Guy warned fans that they absolutely must download the video podcast “by midnight tonight”. However he later admitted that if they didn’t, they could also download the podcast by midnight on any subsequent night.


The Chaser’s War on Everything vodcast will be available at from 10pm on Friday 28 July.


Catch the latest Chaser episode by clicking here:

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High School Musical : Grease for the Tweenies

High School Musical

For Tweenies, Disney's High School Musical is the new hotness.

As the parent of a Tween, High School Musical is on high rotation at our place. And the High School Musical Soundtrack is the only CD in the family car when we all head out together.

Haven't heard of High School Musical? Well this thing is big and it's going to get bigger.

Moira reckons it's going to be like Grease, and the story has parallels with that Travolta/Newton John classic - boy meets girl while on holodays, they then meet up at school but are from different gangs. There's songs and a happy ending. 

High School Musical - it's the next big thing.

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Saints Thump Tigers by 17 goals

Great result in the footy today.

The Saints thumped the Tigers by 17+ goals. (Not bad for Round 17). Fraser Gehrig kicked 10 goals for the game. The Saints kick 9 goals in the second and third quarters. Jason Gram played his best game. I could go on


AND I missed the game on the telly, because of Chris' exhibition. So, I relied on the coverage from ABC radio and a little known Scoreboard page from Sportsdata

ST KILDA: 5.5, 14.6, 23.6, 27.12 (174)
RICHMOND: 2.2, 6.7, 8.9, 10.11 (71)
GOALS - St Kilda: Gehrig 10, Gram 4, Montagna 3, Goddard 2, Riewoldt 2, Dal Santo, Ackland, Milne, Voss, Fiora, Harvey
Richmond: Richardson 4, Schulz 2, Tivendale 2, Johnson, Tambling
BEST - St Kilda: Gehrig, Gram, Montagna, Ball, Powell, Goddard, S Fisher, Harvey, Voss
Richmond: Raines, Johnson, Chaffey, Richardson, Deledio,
INJURIES - St Kilda: Hudghton (knee strain)
Richmond: Brown (hamstring)
CHANGES - Richmond: Gaspar (knee) replaced in selected side by Hall, Kellaway (hamstring) replaced in selected side by Stafford, Krakouer (finger) replaced in selected side by Chaffey
UMPIRES - Vozzo, Rosebury, Allen
CROWD - 43,250 at the MCG

St Kilda in 103-point win over Richmond
The Age, Australia - 1 hour ago
... haul to Fraser Gehrig has helped St Kilda thump Richmond ... The Saints cruised to a 27.12 (174) to 10.11 (71) victory, effectively ending Richmond's hopes of ...
Tigers' finals hopes take a dive ABC Online
Gehrig kicks bag as Saints run riot The Age
Gehrig stars, Saints run riot FOX SPORTS
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Still Life with Potatoes 2005

Today's the day!!!

See his other paintings @ Eva Breuer Art Dealer - 83 Moncur Street, Woollahra NSW 2025

Christopher Beaumont
Christopher Beaumont
Still Life with Potatoes 2005
Oil on linen
41 x 51cm

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