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 Thursday, August 28, 2003
Bush Campaign Reaching Out to Bloggers

Perish the thought...

Washington Post: President Bush's campaign will unveil a Web site today that allows proprietors of online journals -- Blogs or Web logs -- to "get the latest campaign headlines and inside scoop posted instantly to your site through a live...
[The Blog Herald
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Tripod Blogs better than Blogger?
PC Mag has rated Tripod Blogs higher than Blogger, Live Journal and Weblogger in a review published today that is bound to attract criticism. Lycos is trumpeting its win with a release to Yahoo! Finance, although the Blog Census figures...
[The Blog Herald
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Update: My.Yahoo RSS Aggregator is live
Just tried it myself - works like a charm.

You have to add the Blogs section, available here:
The interface is nice. Summaries of the latest entries, headlines for older entries.
[Blogdigger Development Blog
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My.Yahoo is now an RSS Aggregator!
"Sneak peek: Yahoo RSS module

"The My Yahoo RSS module appeared briefly yesterday on the Choose Content page under Personal Information Management with the name "Blogs", but it seems to have disappeared now. Here is a screenshot of the config page for the module:"

(via Blogdigger, BloggingRoller, Arjun) [Blogdigger Development Blog
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